About Me


  • It is a sole proprietor private investigations business owned by Dave Young
  • It is insured to $1,000,000.00 general and professional liability and errors and omissions and auto liability.
  • The business is located in Hughson, California with a Stanislaus County business license
  • Dave Young is licensed by the State of California as a Private Investigator, Cal. State Lic. #28242
  • Dave Young is a retired Assistant Chief of Police for Modesto Police Department
                                  A former interim Chief of Police for Turlock, CA 
                                  Twice was an interim Department Head for Stanislaus County
                                  35 years experience as a law enforcement professional
                                  Twice elected School Board Member
  Former Grand Jury Member


  • With tight budgets you are working with minimum staff.  Doing the work in-house usually requires overtime, or by putting off other important tasks.
  • Staffing levels and workload means the investigation or audit may take several months to complete.
  • Your staff is not experienced in doing interviews (you are a small human resources department that has to handle complaints involving public works, confidential and miscellaneous employees).
  • The employee who is the subject of the investigation is a ranking member of your department.
  • The subject employee is a coworker or friend of your in-house investigator.
  • You want to maintain impartiality because the public or a special interest group perceives bias by the whole agency.
  • Politically, it is better to have the work done by someone from the "outside".
  • For the morale of the organization the work should be done by someone from the "outside".
  • The case is so sensitive, you simply don't want anyone in the organization to know any of the details.
  • It's a multi-agency investigation and no one single agency has authority over the other, or you don't want ill will among the agencies over which one of them is doing the investigation.  The involved agency heads agree to hire an "outsider".


  • As the client, you have a signed contract with Dave Young and Associates.
  • The contract defines the work to be done, the salary, the mileage or fee to be paid.
  • Business and Professions Code Sec. 7539(a) prohibits Dave Young and Associates from divulging any work product to anyone other than the client, without the client's permission.  Dave Young and Associates does not have to divulge work product to law enforcement.  The only exception is by court order.  
  • Business and Professions Code Sec. 7539 (a) prohibits Dave Young and Associates from discussing his work with the press, without the client's permission.
  • Dave Young and Associates is insured for $1,000,000.00 (aggregate $2,000,000.00) general and professional liability and errors and omissions and  1,000,000.00 automobile liability.