How I Conduct My Investigations

  • Initial consultation(s) are free
  • No work is done until a contract is signed
  • Method of payment varies by agency. Hourly fees have been billed at conclusion of the investigation with or without a set limit, or a set fee is paid half in advance and half at conclusion of investigation, or a set fee paid at the conclusion of the investigation


  • Provide an interview room at client's job site suitable for uninterrupted confidential interviews
  • Provide client agency's protocols for administrative investigations including subject and witness admonishments used by the client.
  • Provide a command or executive level contact authorized to make executive decisions relative to the investigation
  • Provide an administrative contact for the agency to facilitate scheduling interviews and making employee notifications pursuant to client protocol.
  • Make available pertinent in-house records


  • Plan and execute the course of the investigation
  • Conduct all interviews and off site records checks
  • Provide digital recordings of all interviews
  • Provide transcripts of all interviews (client can provide their own transcripts if desired)
  • Provide photographs, diagrams, charts, etc. as nessecary 
  • Provide a written Executive Summary, a Summary of Interviews, and any other reports as nessecary for the type of investigation
  • Provide a case file consisting of items listed above collated in a three ring binder(s) with Table of Contents and Tabs
  • Per Business and Professions Code Sec. 7539(a) the entire work product is confidential and can not be released without the clients permission or a court order.